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How to unblock a number on my Samsung phone?

Have blocked /rejected sender by mistake - how can I unblock?

Thank you - I had the same problem, and was not hopeful to find the answer for such an old model, so quite happy now!

I have samsung metro XL

And i have blocked by address no. 

How should i removed the number can you give me a solution.....plzzzz


I have samsung b355e 

And i have blocked by address no. 

How should i removed the number can you give me a solution.....plzzzz

Thank you

Hi I have a Samsung j5 and have blocked my home no, could you help to revert this please.

How to unknown number reject on samsung sm b313e/d mobile 

I have an Samsung J16 and I want to unblock a nr howith do I do it

i have a samsung galaxy j3 6 and i blocked my bestfriends numberr??how to i unblock it?

I need to remove a number from reject list I'm using Samsung guru

Samsung sm-b550h how do I unblock a number

i had a application through which i had blocked one of my friend from calling. later i uninstalled that app . now i dont know how to unblock him and i even forgot which applicatin was that. everytime he tries to call me it says busy. i think i need to install the same app again to unblock him... but i dont remember which app was that. please help

I had a number blocked for a couple of years and now I would like to unblock it. I have a Samsung Galaxy S 111. Can you please help me.

hello i accidentally blocked a friend fro sending me text messages on my samsung SM-B105E. what would i do to unblock her??

Hi i accadentally blocked a friend from sending me text messages on my samsung galaxy A3 how do i unblock her so she can message me

Hi by accident I blocked a friend number I did unblocked but still didn't get through instead it goes to voice mail .how can I unblocked please Samsung s4

I have a s5 galaxy fone I unblocked a number but when they ring it comes like there blocked still

I have a Samsung GT 18200N and I blocked phone calls and txet message from a number how do I unblock it thanks in advance for your help

how do i un block my sgh j700 please

Hi i blocked a number about 8 month ago and i have now unblocked the number 8 month later. But they cannot call me? It's still coming up like it is blocked? I've deleted the contact and still cannot call me. If you have any help or advice you could give me. Thank

I have accidentaly block a phone call and I don't know how to fix it back. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6

I have Samsung core I'm I have no idea how they got block

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