Does the warranty for the Sony Xperia tipo dual include damage to the body?

I had purched sony tipo before 3 days n due to my carelessness its fornt body has got damaged now . So I want to know if body is covered under its warranty? Beçause I had asked a repa8r shop guy so he said it will cost me almost above 2000 rs . N that's quite high , after making a budget of this phone I cnt afford to get soo expencive repairing now. So even if body is nt covered under its warranty can you suggest me what to do so that I can even get my mobile repaired and dnt evn need to spend this much huge amount on repairing. Hoping for a respince soon .


well the body in front beside the screen has been damaged

User inflicted damage to the phone isn't covered by the limited warranty. Since I'm not sure what exactly is the damage done on your phone, it's hard to suggest alternative ways to have it repaired without having to spend a lot.

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