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Why do Google (website) keep crashing on the BlackBerry Z10?

Google (Website) keeps crashing on BlackBerry Z10 Model: Blackberry Z10 OS: Browser Version: That is my homepage for my browser. I only use google, nothing else. Yesterday, 08-01-2016, I was using google in the day and it was working 100% At night, when I wanted to search something on google, the browser crashed. Now, the browser page asks for renewing or restoring the browser but actually nothing happens in executing these procedures. I've cleared my history and cache in the browser several times but that doesn’t help. I rebooted the phone by pushing the volume buttons at the same time. I renewed the browser in the browser section. Then, I installed the Bing app to get on the Bing search page and that seems to work. Google connected apps Maps, Blackberry hub app ,text message app, YouTube app, Facebook and Twitter apps all function normally and as they are linked to the Google search app I don’t dare to delete them all-in on smooth movement. So only the Google search app crashes my browser. My smartphone is pretty clean and I don’t think this issue is due to malware. Can you please help me otherwhise I won’t be able to use Blackberry anymore as it is hardly available in my country. Google (Website) keeps crashing on BlackBerry Z10

Hi there. Uninstall Google search app then restart your phone. Install it again after. Let me know if that helps.

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