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Have you experienced a problem with your Panasonic GD55's volume?

Hey, I have the Panasonic GD55 and I was wondering if anyone has ever had problems with the sound quality. I mean, my phone's volume seems to be set way too low no matter how much I crank the volume. I'm not sure if it's a defect or just normal.

:idea: Thanks for the feedback.

haha..word of advise..z200's specs might be calling..but the quality is bad.. 40 chorrds, but the t600 series 32 chord polyphonic tones sound way better.

Yea, I got one. I'll give it a whack, but I think I'll get a new phone. The Sony-Ericsson T 616 and Sony-Ericsson z200 are calling my name.

yeh, i would rather use the handsfree..did it come with it when you bought it?

So, do you think if I used the ear piece I'd get better sound?

Hey Darrell,

The GD55 was the first phone that was created that size..thus the parts used for it is very limited too. Is your ringer loud? From what I know, the ringer shares the same speaker with your ear piece.

- Cyrus

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