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Why does my Samsung Galaxy E7 hang?

Am facing slight problems with my 2 months old galaxy e7 . At times screen gets frozen. The notification slider gets stuck in the midway on swiping it up or down. The softkeys turn unresponsive and the phone comes back to normal state for quite some time only after switching off and on by quick lock screen button. I have performed factory reset once but it hasnt helped much.Can u suggest me wot to do?

Ganesh Borkar
Ganesh Borkar
My mobile has been hang down, any of the buttons are not working, i can't hard reset, what should i do

My phone hangs suddenly after i used facebook.. and it jammed suddenly. The power off button was not working . What's wrong ? Should i bring samsung center ? How should i restart the phone ?

I also suggest that you free up space. Uninstall apps you no longer use.

remove all the antivirus programme and then restart the phone or else format the phone

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