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Which smartphones include FM Radio feature?

Does anyone know if any of the current generation of smartphone chipsets include an FM Radio chip? I know that nearly all of the current smartphones say that you can't get FM radio on the phones, but there is alot of conflicting information about whether the phones literally can't get FM signals or if the phones have an FM chip as part of the chipset, but the chip is deactivated.

I want FM radio on my cellphone. I like listening to the local University stations and other independent stations. I don't want to pay a cellphone carrier to listen to those stations via streaming internet radio (and taking up huge parts of my data plan, apparently - up to 3Gb a month? 100mb an hour? Conflicting info about this too.) when I can listen to them for free on a crappy $10 FM Radio that I bought 20 years ago. Even if it's not currently activated, I'd like to buy a smartphone with the chip on the phone in the hopes that there is (or will be) an app which activates it in the future.


    Most smart phones have a radio chip (not iPhones), the trick is to get your carrier to agree to turn it on....


    Go for Samsung Note 2. It still tops my list. Its got a Radio receiver, Stylus, 2gb RAM, 1.7ghz quadcore CPU, can play HD games with ease and it hardly lags.
    I miss this phone, now that I have moved on to a Radio-less blackberry :)


    AWS 1700/2100 with keyboard -- any make/model that has an FM radio as well! tia

    Samsung, LG and HTC would be my first choices.

    There's a lot of smartphones that have FM Radio. Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC BlackBerry and Sony have several phones that have this feature. Let me know which brand you prefer so I can give you a list of phones that have the feature.

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