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Finding the Alcatel Flip 3 in Canada?

Is it possible to buy the new Alcatel go flip 3 phone in the US but then use it in Canada(where i live) and use it with a Canadian carier company?  I dont beleive that I can buy the phone on Canada yet.   I am wanting a basic basic phone that has good sound quality, a microphone/earphone jack, option for voice to text (ideally) and a good sounding speaker phone, and whatsapp would be great.  Google maps handy too.  Dont need any other internet or apps

Hi Jade. Thanks for joining The Informr community. I did a quick search and I'm not uncovering anything. Maybe someone else here knows?

The Flip Go 3 is technically compatible with Canadian networks (Rogers, Telus, etc.). It uses 850/1900 MHz GSM. However....I don't see it easily available from any sellers. I'm not even seeing it available from any third-party sellers yet on Amazon or eBay.

That'll probably see that model become available soon enough. Just be sure you get an "Unlocked" version if it's coming from the US.

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