Which is better between the Motorola a840 and Nokia 6030?

I need advice, I am a currnt client of Fido and I have the MOTOROLA A840 and I find that receiving text messages, and voicemail is very slow. Even accessing the main menu.
I am looking to stay with Fido but get a NOKIA 6030 I need an opinion on this what is better? Also does anyone know if Fido accept's trade-ins?

Can anyone help?


Hi blondie,

Fido does not accept trade ins. However, you have Fido Rewards you can use. Basically for every $100 you use with Fido, you get $5 saved up on your account and use it towards a new phone (you have to call in to Fido to order).

Motorola phones are great phones, the only problem with it is after some time, it tends to lag (which is your case), you can save what you need to save and to a master reset for the hardware..choose carefully and don't delte your phone numbers if they are valueable to you. It just resets the hardware and clears the temporary memory so it frees up some room for the information to flow (technically speaking).

The nokia 6030 is a very nice basic phone, I know a number of friends that are using it now with no complaints. It's a personal preference imo. What are you looking for in a phone if you don't mind me asking.?


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