Which carrier between Fido and Rogers is the better Apple iPhone 4S provider?

Hi im interested in getting a 16GB iPhone, mainly for texting. Would you recommend Fido or Rogers?

fido for sure
i tried all the other companies and the most honest competitor is fido that why i still with them over 12 years and i change my phone every 1 to 2 years and i pay the difference and i still shop around and nobody can match them everytime there was a little argument we settle in minutes
so no dought for me or my familly and friends they all change to fido because the most important thing to watch its the total i pay WITH NO SURPRISE

Buy the phone from Apple - avoid the 3 yr high cost contract from Fido/Rogers. Then get a low cost plan that matches your use from Fido/Rogers (they use the same network) or Telus/Koodo. Both have pretty good coverage in BC, but make sure your home/work/school has a strong signal - both networks have "gaps" and weak spots.

Fido iPhone plans include unlimited text messaging and same goes with Rogers Voice & Data plans. Check the plans and also take into consideration which carrier has better coverage in your area.

Rogers Unlimited Voice & Data plans, click here
Fido iPhone Plans

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