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Does Telus have a plan that can give you an option to still use the same number from Fido?

I heard that there is a Telus plan wherein you can transfer your number from Fido to Telus. I want to know how this works. I want to switch to Telus because of Fido's limited coverage area. Can anyone help me please?

I want to switch from bell to fido or rogers..but i want to keep the same phone number!!!

fido might be the only independent service provider in canada... but unfortunately their service in most of south western ontario is BAD... real bad.. i had no reception in my apartment, which is on the 5th floor, then i switched to telus with the fido return deal and the connection is crystal clear.
the deal is awesome. u return an old fido handset with ur active SIM card and you either get money or if u sign a contract u get an awesome phone for free (mine was valued at $250) with no activation cost. awesome deal.

Actually it's regretablly only at fido :D :lol:

Fido is the only provider that has the okay from the CRTC to import landline number! As the ads say: Sorry, Only at Fido! :P

"Matthew said:
I heard there was a plan in telus that transfers your number from fido to telus... I want to know how this works... If anyone could help please... I want to switch to telus because of Fido's limited coverage area..."
Why switch to telus when you should switch to Bell mobility the coverage is basically the same in most areas and bells customer service is 100 times better then telus

I don't think Canada has that kind of technology yet because the providers here are too competitive. I know it is possible in Hong Kong and most parts of Asia. I think what you are refering to is the $50 trade in for a Fido phone. Telus and Rogers I think offer you money if you go in with a fido phone. I can almost guarentee you that using a fido number on Telus' network is not possible. Anyone else wanna comment on this?

- Cyrus

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