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Everytime there is a amber alert, after the amber alert is done my phone won’t stop receiving that alert

Can’t get rid of amber alert


Clear amber alert on phone ZTE cymbal 2

That's odd. What does the mall kiosk people do? Won't pressing the red (end call) button work?

Mary Gafur

It’s a ‘easy to use phone I got for my mom’ a XTE Cymbal 2. Nothing she did got rid of it. Not turning it off for a day, powering it down, I had to call the company and they gave me instructions of how to stop it. But relaying them to my mom over FaceTime was hard. Then it happened again and again. She had to take it to the mall kiosk to get them to do it as it’s too hard over the phone. 

Hi Mary. That's odd. Which phone are you using? What happens when you just press the home button after the amber alert?

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