Linda Caruso

How much does Roaming service cost?

I'm going to Europe in September for 2 weeks and would like to obtain coverage on my present Solo plan. Do you have any details with costs?

I am forever indebted to you for this infroamtoin.

To add a travel bundle to your account, call 1-877-999-7656. They can be added to your account for just one month or as a monthly feature.

Linda Caruso

How do I purchase the 100 minutes? I need it for the month of September.

You can get a Travel Europe Bundle (add-on). Here are the prices and rates:
$20 $1.33/minute (15 included minutes)
$60 $1.20/minute (50 included minutes)
$100 $1.00/minute (100 included minutes)
$275 92¢/minute (300 included minutes)

Get more information on Solo Mobile Support here

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