Why does Sony Xperia E3 boot loop every two days?

 'unfortunately stopped'  Whenever it displays on my screen my mobile would get boot loop.

So, I would do master reset every time. So far, I did 4 times in past one week. After master/factory resetting my mobile through PC companion it would work fine for next two days and end of the second day again I am getting same error and following boot loop. Using E3 dual. I had downloaded only whatsapp from app store. I had disabled all other app updates, auto sync. Please help me.

Hmm.. That's odd. Observe the phone if the issues starts happening again. Yeah, I think flashing stock rom will help. Check out this page to know how: click here

Hi carl,

thanks for your reply.

I didn't do anything before.

But, one thing I can say I had been using this mobile with very less internal free space (sometimes no free space) since it has only 1.5gb internal storage which is very less.

I had been getting this error for two months. Every time I used to master reset my mobile. I would have done master reset about 10 times in that two months period.

Now I have bought a new phone. However I had put a sim in my old phone(what we are talking about) and didn't use it for a month.(just using that mobile to get messages on that number)

Surprisingly, It didn't showup any errors in past one month. But I am sure if I start using that mobile like updating/downloading apps, surfing the internet will end up with getting the same issues.

Please  help me to solve this issue.

And you mentioned I would need to reinstall flash rom. Can I do that ?

Hi there. Looks like you will need to reflash stock rom. When did the problem started? Did you do anything before this?

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