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How to transfer ringtones from the computer to the LG KM555?

I found a ringtone I liked on Zedge and downloaded it to my PC. How do I transfer the file (250 kb) to my phone? I only use this phone for calls so not savvy with sounds. :-)


Hi, I am in the same position as Painted Pony, but have a Blackberry Torch 9860, and I also would like to download ringtones from my PC to the cellphone. Please help. Thank you

Have you ever tried iPubsoft Android Desktop Manager? It is exceedingly good at managing your LG data! You can transfer your ringtones or other data from your computer to your cell phone easily! Of course, it also supports to transfer LG phone data to your pc! You can get it from here:

I'll try this out later in the day.

Where will the ringtone be saved on the phone?

Here are several ways to transfer music/ringtones to your LG Shine Touch:

To transfer using Bluetooth - Bluetooth is probably the easiest way to transfer a file from your computer to your phone.
1. Make sure your phone and computer have Bluetooth switched on and are visible to
one another.
2. Use your computer to send the file via Bluetooth.
3. When the file is sent you will have to accept it on your phone by touching Yes.
4. The file should appear in your Documents or Others folder.

Installing LG PC Suite on your computer
1. From the standby screen press Menu and choose Connection.
2. Select USB connection mode and choose PC suite.
3. Click on the LG PC Suite Installer which will appear on your screen.
4. Select the language you would like the installer to run in and click OK.
5. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the LG PC Suite Installer wizard.
6. Once installation is completed, the LG PC Suite icon will appear on your desktop.

Using your phone as Music Sync device - Your Phone can be used as Music Sync device to Sync Music Files only. Music Sync can be done using Windows Media Player 10 / 11 and supports both Handset Memory and External Memory Card.
1. Disconnect your phone from your PC.
2. From the standby screen touch Menu.
3. Select Connection and then USB connection mode.
4. Touch Music sync.
5. Connect your phone to your PC. Your phone will read:
Connecting as Music Sync … followed by Disconnect Cable to Stop Music Sync.

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