Where to download manual for LG VN-150?

Download is not LG VN 150 manual? It says it is LX 150 not LG 150 and has no information about the 1.3MB camera

My phone keeps shut of it a lgvn150 I think it the batter because the version wire logic is on the phone then shut down then it takes about five min twomin go off

Can you send me the operating manual for the LG revere vn150 cell phone

I need a LG Revere manual to use the features of this cell phone

 Walter Gillman
Walter Gillman

I need a user manual for the Lg Revere VN150

John Higgins

LG REVERE manual model vn150
I need a larger manual I am 73 anddont see very well ...ThankYou

Pattie M Baskette

Answer this question...

Rick Hegwood

I have lost my sound from my phone. I can`t hear any music or when somebody calls me I am unable to hear the ring tone as well. I have troubleshooted every possible way I can, but to no avail. Please help me!

I need a manual for my LG Revere phone - VN150

LG VN-150 is aka LG Revere. Please, download its manual here.

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