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Does this Asus phone have water damage?

How do u tell if this has water damage? 

I thought about that too.  I have only owned the phone for 2 months.  It is summer here, so hardly any rain.  I don't have air-conditioning  either.  Maybe moisture build up from sweat when it was in my pocket. Idk.  It's not covered by warranty because of this. At this point Im just disappointed that Asus would make, and promote, such a crappy product.  I will never buy Asus again, or recommend it my friends and family. It's too bad cause I thought it was a solid company.

I'm wondering if you are in a cold place or air conditioned room a lot? Cause moist might have accumulated inside the phone.

Well I sent my phone to asus repair center the tech said there is corrosion on the ribbon. I dont understand how there could be corrosion on the ribbon and the liquid damage indicators not be activated. 

So have you find out if your phone has water damage? I hope it don't.

Zenfone 3 max. The back is non-removable, but the Asus tech sent me a photo of the inside of the phone. I see the liquid damage indicator, it is white. 

Hi Dawn. Which Asus phone are you using? Usually there's a liquid damage indicator in the SIM slot or if you have removable back cover, somewhere near the battery. Please check.

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