Does the Tracfone version of the LG 505c have GPS?

I know that when Tracfone sells a phone it doesn't always have the same features when other cellphone companies sell it.

The most expensive phone is the lg 505c witch i have and it is a good little phone but it is not android but their is no android with tracfone but there is with strait talk mobile witch is made by tracfone.

nicholas barnett

are tracphones new phones or rebuilt phones?What is the most expensive tracphone offered? If I'm unhappy with a tracphone product or service can I back out without penalty? I am looking for something new with the latest features but don't know much about these phones. my last cellphone was a Motorola flipphone, so I don't know much about sliderphones tap phones data plans etc? Woulld like some information to help me decice. thanks for you time nick

The phone will track your locationon 911 calls or all the time. There are no apps to use the GPS for navigation. The only thing available for download are ringtones, wallpapers and games.

To set settings on LG 505c for GPS mode:
1. Touch Menu.
2. Touch Settings .
3. Touch Phone Settings and Location.
4. Touch Next.
5. Touch a setting. On or Off

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