Does the Samsung Brightside camera have a zoom?

vbhdvc jx,cv
vbhdvc jx,cv

Thanks Jake it really helped!

Thank you soooo much Julius_26301. That helped me allllottt


After taking the photo you can zoom in on the photo, heres how; click on the photo you want to zoom and hit the zoom button. Then press with one finger the place you would like to zoom and hold down, the photo should zoom! hope you can understand and i helped :)

Yes, it does digital zoom but you have to set the photo quality to less than maximum. Once you lower the photo quality, you'll notice the ability to zoom by using your volume key.

However, the phone does not seem to allow you to zoom in on photos AFTER you have taken them. It has a "zoom" feature when viewing photos, but it doesn't appear to be functional.

Yes...indeed. The Samsung Brightside's camera has a zoom function.

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