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sandra sharp

Does the LG Optimus Quest have any problems?

I have a straight talk phone and wanting to upgrade, does this phone have any issues that I need to know before purchasing

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this post was eons ago --- i have an lg optimus quest --- actually im now on a second --- same model --- ONLY reason i have the 2nd one is cuz they wouldnt give me a trade in or money back on the first one that broke after 6 mos --- touch screen stopped responding well --- rebooted it per straight talk and it died again --- so they replaced it --- now most apps seem to be sluggish at best with the quest --- so its very frustrating --- it IS only a 3G and i think the android on it is old -- not even the naming scheme they have now but one of the numbers .... so i dont think i can do anything about it --- im now looking for a samsung (pricey) or motorola unlocked phone --- to upgrade and to see if i will in fact continue with straighttalk service (runs off lower third of verizon towers) --- ive had great luck with the coverage and customer service etc with them for some years now but maybe they arent the best for smartphones .... so we will see ...

Hi sandra. I checked the web but there aren't much reviews about the Optimus Quest. I suggest you visit a store where it's sold and try it out before buying it.

We do have a a couple of video reviews available. Watch from link below.

Link: LG Optimus Quest Videos

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