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Does Solo Mobile automatically renew contracts?

I had 2 months left on my solo plan and was looking to cancel it called them and they said that it would be about 100 dollars which is more then what I would pay if I just let the contract run out. The sales rep told me the date my contract expired so I figured that, that was the last time I would pay a solo bill, but 2 months later I received another bill of like 90 dollars so I called and asked what was going on and they never actually answered my question after fighting with them for 45 minutes and I just receive another months bill.

Agree with Grindale's response. I too am on Solo Mobile. At the end of the contract you continue month to month (ie no contract) unless you provide 30 days termination notice. On the other hand, I've now just started an inquiry with them today as I was auto-renewed for another 3 yr contract when I never stated I wanted that verbally or in writing.

During the last day of your contract, did you inform Solo that you want to end your service? If you did not, you will be billed continuously until you tell them to stop. Your contract with them has already ended and you are free to go with another carrier. But you must inform them that you want to close your account, and that will be the only time they would stop billing you.

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