Does Samsung Gear 3 work with Apple iPhone 7?

Im interested in buying a Samsung gear 3 frontier but I have an Iphone 7. Is this watch compatible with my Iphone 7 or would I need to go with an Iwatch ( which I really dont want to)

You would need a App to integrate the Samsung Gear S3 into your iPhone.

About a year ago they promised a App for the iPhone...

It was announced for End 2015/Begining 2016, then rumors said End Q1 2016, then End Q2 2016.

Last I've heard, the App for iphone would be released together with the Gear S3.

I also really want a Samsung Gear S3, and I've got a iPhone 6s Plus and i will buy it, the moment the App is availiable. But not a day earlier.

Maybe the App for iPhone is late again and comes with the Gear S4 in End 2017 or it will come never. 

Lately Samsung has been very quiet about iPhone compatibility.

Yes, it will eventually work. As of now, the company is still working on it.

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