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Jayanta Hazarika

Does Panasonic P55 support OTG?

My phone is panasonic p55 novo 3g mobile not working otg

panasonic p55 novo4g 3gb ram how to support otg. plzzz help

My phone panasonic p55 novo not working otg how to work otg plz you give me solution 3gb ram 4g phone

Why My panasonic novo not working on wifi network

Panasonic p55 novo 4g otg support

My panasonic p55 nova not support otg cable

Carl P. seriously, how do u keep doing it calmly? :-D You answered way back on top that it is hardware limited, yet people don't read it and just ask the same question. Perhaps they hope almighty might pitch in and a miracle might happen. :-P

my panasonic p55 nova otg not work

P55novo me OTG Support hoga Yes/no

How to connect to otg panasonic p 55 novo plzzzz

I also don't know how can to support otg from panasonic p55 novo 2gb ram. If anyone know tell me plz ok. You want buy all featured in one phone have that phone is panasonic eluga icon . You also buy mi4 . Plz you know solution of otg tell im my id plz. Thankyou


does panasonic p55 novo support OTG

Panasonic P55 Novo 8 GB
LA ` OTG Cable ' Cha Support Aheka

P55 does not support otg cable..

Arun kumar_7342

How to use panasonic p55 otg cable please give me solution

Ramchandra P.
Ramchandra P.

Please give me information p55 2GB otg support h kya.

Please give me information OTG SPORT MOBILE

How to use Panasonic p55 otg cable

There's no solution to that because Panasonic P55 doesn't have the hardware to enable OTG.

Rakesh kumar
Rakesh kumar

Otg cannector not support in panasonic p55 pl. Solution

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