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Peter Martin

Does Koodo Mobile plans really include unlimited long distance minutes?

I am looking for a plan that includes long distance calling, since we live in a rural area and most calls are long distance. On many plans there is a footnote after the long distance section which says "Airtime is charged in addition to long distance rates". If the plan includes unlimited minutes why would there be a charge for airtime and LD rates?

Any suggestions for a basic voice and text plan that includes Canada LD would be most welcome!

Hi Peter. Koodo Mobile Canada-wide plans do include unlimited long distance minutes in Canada. This means that you will no longer be charged for long distance calls but you will still be charged for anytime minutes used. You can get the $57 Canada-Wide Promotional Data Plan or the $50 Canada-Wide Plan. Both plans not only include unlimited Canada-wide calling but unlimited anytime minutes as well.

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