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phukubje khomotso

Does Alcatel One Touch Pop 7 have WhatsApp or do I have to download it?

I am experiencing the same problem as Adrianna_70593.

Well, that's odd. Try visiting their homepage.

Click here to visit their homepage

Let us know how it goes.


I've got a alcatel onetouch pop7 tablet and I caunt seem to download whatsapp on google playstore it says it is not compateble with my device please help is there any link that I can use without any hassle kind regards. Adriana

Just like many other Android tablets, it doesn't look like WhatsApp will come pre-installed on the Alcatel One Touch Pop 7. Fortunately it should be easy to download it off the Google Play Store, and for free, at that. Let us know if you have any problems doing so once you have the tablet in your hands!

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