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Does anyone know a place where you can purchase an extended battery door for the Motorola Quantico?

KAHN4378 Extended Battery (BN10) Door

Or if there is no place known to purchase one does anyone out there have a new OR used one they would like to sell? Thanks for any help.

Thank you Grindale, I did already find that one and a couple others locations that advertise or display that at one time they did have them but they are currently out of stock. I contacted each of the sites to ask if they were going to have them in stock again and was told by each of them that they would not. Why they leave them on their listing I don't know. I was just hoping that some one had found or knew of a site that I didn't or maybe some one had an old one they wanted to get rid of. thanks again.

Hey Carl. Check link below to see website selling Extended Battery Door for the Motorola Quantico.

Link: click here

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