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Do you have a prepaid plan with unlimited data as well as call and texting

I am looking for a plan with unlimited calling, texts, and data. Does chart have such a plan

Hey Luc. No worries, we're here to help. It depends on your usage. If it's normal social media, emails, messaging apps, then that should be alright.

Please also consider the data allowance per month you're looking to purchase. Because aftter you reach the monthly allowance, the speed goes down to 64 Kbps.

Luc Lepage

I m sorry I'm really not good with this kinda stuff this was my recently separated from wife's department but is 3 Mbps any good or no?? 

That is correct. Sorry, I don't see a 3 GB plan. But yes, it should be the same, overage charges for mobile data.

Luc Lepage

Ok so what your saying is if I were to take the 60$ plan of unlimited talk& text plus 10 GB of data once I hit my ten GB I can continue to use data and won't be charged anymore??? Just have my upload and download speed slow down. What of the 3 GB plan is it the same??? 

Hi Luc. Chatr plans are kind of unlimited data, they don't charge overage data. What happens is speed is reduced after you reach your monthly data allowance. Keep in mind though that Chatr plans mobile data speed is up to 3 Mbps (upload/download).

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