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Is it possible to end my contract with Virgin Mobile without paying the remaining cost on my contract?

Do i have the right to break a contract based on a lack of honesty, services, too many lies, and too many false promises from a Mobile Phone Company without having to pay the whole remaining cost of this contract?

I don't know what i have to do for now. But i begin to have enough doubt, enough elements of being a victim of lies from Virgin Mobiles Canada in so many ways, that it is barely incredible. I seriously think having a contract with Rogers. Even there is some complaints about them, these complaints are far from what i've seen regarding VMC.

But if i'll choose to do that, it will not against myself. My integrity is very important, and i have a stable customers in matters of paying my bills in time. They can't not say that i was a complaining customers through all the years i've been with them, until recently where i have this sense of being treated by Bell, and not by Virgin Mobile Canada as i used to know them. They were excellent during years, But now, they are so near of Bell's way of being that i seriously doubt something about it.

So this is my question and also my reflections. I have to think about this issue cause i can't stay with a Company who did so many things where respect, integrity and honesty were not there. Their name : Virgin Mobile Canada.

Dave, this sound like crap for me so please don't lose your time answering.

get someone to take over contract post add on kiji

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