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Does Bell extend a contract based on the number of months it was on Vacation Disconnect?

Hey, I bought a cell about 1 and a half years ago. Anyway's I'm with bell and since last year i had lost my job and couldn't pay my cell bill anymore.

So I called bell and said I couldn't pay anymore and now it's been a year later. I put the line on Vacation Disconnect. My contract is ending in June 05'
I've had the phoen on VD for about a year now.

Now my question is will bell now increase my contract to the number of months i had the phone on vacation disconect ot can i just call them up in june and cancel my line..

Someone also said that the max you can have vacation disconnect is 3 months but I'va had it for a year now wasup wit that?

THey no longer offer suspension for contract but you can put your phone on the lowest plan, and have a dummy esn put in so the phone doesn't work the 30 day thing is true.

Your contract won't be extended, but give a 30 days notice to deactivate your cell.. BTW, Bell Mobility doesn't offer temporary suspension for customers on long term contract anymore.

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