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Why won't contact name display during calls on the Lenovo A2010?

Whenever I make a call or receive or have missed calls, m not able to view d name of the person even though it is synced with Google account. When I open contacts I can see their name but wen I make calls or receive calls then only number is displayed not the name. Even in the call log its the same problem. Only numbers are displayed and not the names. Please let me know how to rectify it and how can I sync my contacts with Google.

When I show contact only name show not display no. In lenovo a 2010

Also try to set your contacts app to display all contacts from all sources (phone, SIM, Google account, etc.).

If they still won't show up, it is best to contact your carrier about this.


If you save you contacts in sim then you will get contact name in display during call.

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