Is there a way to make Cingular give better service?

I own a ballroom dance studio and I get calls from students to schedule their appointments. I got cingular service to be able to take my students call from my students anytime anywhere; since almost a month Cingular service has been poor and dropping calls. My current students are very unhappy and new ones can't understand what I am saying; so I end up losing them. Cingular customer representatives are not very helpful and not correcting the problem. I am in a contract.; feel trapped and feel that Cingular don't have any respect for their customers. What to do!

Aight nicklfire, I'll let it slide this time; you can direct the viewers/readers to the other forum and not repost what you've already posted.

As for drop rates, CDMA is suprior because it has been around north america for a longer time compared to GSM; a tad big older technology, it's just different technology as nicklfire mentioned. All cellular phones go through towers one way or another, the transition may vary. In some cases CDMA will have coverage in this area adn GSM will not, and it does tend to happen the other way around where GSM will have coverage and CDMA has nothing..

We will have a more technical discussion on a new thread if you'd like nicklfire, but to answer Soniafarr's question again, your handset is and will be under warranty if it's between a year, if there is something wrong with it, might wanna go to your service centre and take a look at it. Again, depending where you are and how "open" the area is you are in, it makes a big difference in performance.


Here is a response i just gave to another fellow on cing

Just to throw some stats out to you telus has less than a 2% dropped call rate which is one of the lowest in the country. Telus works off a cdma network where as cingular works off probably gsm i believe.... Because cdma is far supierior it gives the means of soft handeling.. (when driving between cell sites the transition is alot smoother on cdma) on cing you move between cellsites and get a hard handoff which usually is the cause of your dropped calls. Incase you didnt know if you do go with telus they have a very large local calling area, meaning you can call vancouverr from your cell phone just for normal minutes.. no long distance..

If you want some more information i'm sure i can set you up with a phone and answer more of your questions.

Email me if you like.

time is precious! How long have you had the phone for (when did your contract start) and when is your contract till? It could be a few things..

1. Your phone
2. The area you are in (usually don't get much signal if you are in a room with four walls and no windows)


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