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Has anyone owning a Siemens CF62 experienced their phone shutting down on its own?

Does everbody with the CF62 have the problom with it shutting off by itself allthe time? and if so, has your service provider replaced the phone, or fixed the problom?

sometimes the "shutting off" problem is caused from a simple thing like dirty battery connections.

remove your battery from the phone and make sure the contact points are clean. you can use a pencil eraser to get rid of residue or use rubbing alcohol on a q-tip.

if that doesn't work then you are dealing with a phone issue for sure - in which case your best option (unfortunately) is to bring it to a service center for what is sure to be a costly repair.

good luck.

i have the same problem with my phone, which is why im buying a new one, cause i think i dropped it one too many times, but it does shut off alll the time for no apparant reason, i thought it was just mine but i guess not. lol

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