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Can you experiment with a mobile phone without forfeiting your rights to get a full refund if unsatisfied?

I intend on purchasing a Nokia 3600 mobile handset from Rogers Wireless without a contract so I'll be paying about $400CAN. This will be my first handset and so I'll likely find something wrong with the unit and return it for a full refund. I'm kind of picky.

The Rogers Wireless service is GSM/GPRS making use of a SIM card. Now when i purchase the phone I have no intentions of jumping onto any plan (ie. Prepaid service) until I find the right phone for my future development needs. I need to fully experiment with the mobile handset's features such as SMS/MMS sending/receiving, picture/video capturing, J2ME games, and so forth. The nice thing about the Nokia 3600 is I "supposedly" can exchange such information with my PC directly via Bluetooth.

My question is can I fully experiment with the mobile handset without being on some kind of operator service plan (an active SIM ?) and not forfeit my rights to get a full refund if unsatisfied? Again, I dont care to receive anything over the GSM network only directly from my PC as, from the Nokia 3600 manuals, it seems very capable of simulating the reception of information via bluetooth.

Thank you.

I believe you won't be able to utilize those features (any features) until the phone is on an active rate plan.


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