Why won't CAT S60 turn on?

My CAT S60 does not turn on even when fully charged. It's only 3 months old.

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Fixed. i just reset it using a toothpick. it only resets battery so all apps remain. cheers

I had the same issue: my S60  was "dead" with empty battery. Only red LED blinking while it was on charger.

Presssing on the reset button even for several seconds had no effect.

Finally, I tried to press the reset button while the S60 was connected to charger...

and IT WORKED!!!

The red light blinkign and the phone doesnt come on, reset button doesnt help....  ? ? ? ?

I had an issue where the phone acted like it was charging after I disconnected the charger. The top left button (left side) wouldn't do anything and the only way I could access the phone was to trigger the flashlight on then off or double tap the home button. The volume down button also stopped working. Pressing the battery reset button by the sim cards sorted it and the buttons are all working normally. No apps were deleted. Have had the phone almost two years and this is the first issue I have had. 


My phone is stone dead. Not switching on.

The Charging Light On Top is Blinking Red and The Phone is Not Turning ON.

Hi. Ife done the same thime with reset. Same problem. Charging gives me the blinking red light. Resting it do not work. Same problem pop up when i need to charge it again. Its me second cat s60 had the same woth the oled one. How can i update the software. Please mail me.


there is a reset hole near sim card slot,

I had same problem and with that problem solved

Same here. Solid green light stays on. The reset button is under the sim door back of phone. Open the door and use a small paperclip. Apps and data are not affected. Turn on your phone as normal :-)

Im having the same problem. I live in Ireland, had the phone 3 months and today it wont turn on. Where do i reset using a toothpic?

I live in Anchorage Alaska were is very cold right now, the phone did get a little cold but worked.
But I ran my phone Cat s60 battery down to were it turned off. recharge the phone and now it will not turn on. When the battery ran out I was in my house where it was warm.   Any suggestion on starting it. 

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