Martha Nalls

Why can't I send or receive picture messages on the ZTE Grand X Max?

It's says couldn't download (no subject)

Carl, I have a zte zmax pro on t mobile and cannot send pics over wifi in text messages, would this use the same settings as other networks....?

Hey thanks Carl P.  My hubby has been having this problem for months...I did what you said and now its fixed. Muchas gracias. 

Im having the same problem with NY cell but its a Fido phone, I have called Fido they can't fix it. I'm at a point where I'm going to buy a new cell. Can anyone help

I have Metro PC and I can't download any pics sent through my messenger? Please let me know if I need a different APN.

How do I receive an MMS on my ZTE Grand Max?

I have a zte grand max a cricket phone but my sim card is T-Mobile and I can't receive pics can someone help me?????

I had the same problem. Gotta make sure the data enabled bix is checked. The one that says "enable data access over mobile network". It's is the mobile network area in settings

I did all of the things in order that Carl P said and it still doesn't work

Believe it or not, it could e something as simple as your phone was deactivated. You will still be able to get on internet, just msgs and calls won't work. Just contact carrier and reactivate it. I got a new phone and activated it, but mistakenly thought the auto-refill would still be in effect. It wasn't. ooops.

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