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How to change Alcatel A392G time setting to Daylight Savings Time?

Cannot find the correct answer to change my Alcatel A392G time setting to Daylight Savings Time?

I just re-booted (power off and then on) my phone and the time change took effect.

Neither the phone settings nor the user guide provide instructions to change the time (other than 12 or 24 hour clock) or the DST setting being referenced. Date and time settings are only hour clock and date format. I am suffering as the original poster because since we set the time forward my phone time is incorrect.

Go to Settings > Phone settings > Date and time.

Based on the manual "You can also set the daylight saving adjustment."

Kindly check it there.

cannot change time to "spring ahead". Went to settings; time and date and all that provides is either 12 hr or 24 hr and date. There is no option for actually re setting the time to daylight saving time. What's with this?? I do not have the manual with me

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