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Evelyn MacDonald

How do I cancel my service from Virgin Mobile Canada?

Cancel my service?

Please help me with this matter....I have a contract with Virgin Mobile from when I purchased a tv at the Source. I have never had a mobile phone before and I am having so many problems. My family and friends say it keeps cutting out when we talk and at a lot of times they can not hear me. Please I have a brain anyurism and am having a hard time with this mobile phone and would just like to go back to my home phone line and use this mobile phone for emergency phone only as a pay as your go. Please would I be able to discontinue my services without a huge cancellation charge please I ask of you.  Please it is just that I am not a cell phone user and am not used to it. I am a senior citizen. Thanks for your time.....

The virgin agent told me he sent my request to cancellation department. And the cancellation department will identify my Info, the account would not cancel immediately right?
So I want to ask whether I need contact virgin again to cancel my account? I don't understand the process of cancellation really. Would you tell me more detail of How do I cancel my virgin mobile canada account?

Thanks a lot!

You may contact Virgin Mobile to cancel your Virgin Mobile Services. Cancellation is effective the date Virgin Mobile receives your cancellation notice (or the date you request the cancellation to take effect) (“Cancellation Date”) and you will be charged and must pay the applicable Charges, Fees and taxes up until the Cancellation Date.


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