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Is Xiaomi Redmi 4A compatible with Koodo Mobile?

Canada (Koodo) - Xiaomi Redmi 4A (2016117) Internet not working?


I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on getting this phone up and running on Canada's carrier Koodo. I bought the phone for my mother as a gift, and ostensibly it should have everything in order.

The Malaysia Model (2016117) has Band 4 LTE and supports 3G 850/1900. I've tested calls and text, both work, but I cannot get Internet access on the device over the network.

Please assist! I really want this to work properly, I'd feel terribly if it didn't :\

Hi there. Should work fine with Koodo Mobile. If problem persists, please contact Koodo Mobile. Or first try to edit the APN settings you are using.

Name Koodo


Proxy Blank

Port Blank

Username Blank

Password Blank

Server Blank


MMSC proxy

MMS port 80

MCC 302

MNC 220

Authentication type Blank

APN type Blank

Hope that helps!

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