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Can you unlock my Samsung Galaxy S4 to use with Telus?

I had the mobile phone with bell, but they are very expensive and I am looking for basic plan to use my phone. i did cancelled service with Bell but kept the phone ( paid the cost for phone) now i need to have my phone unlocked and can I use the number?

Hi Erika! If you have already cancelled the contract with Bell and even paid for the full price of the phone that you have, then you should ask them about unlocking the phone so you can use it with a different carrier. Usually, all it takes is for them to enter a carrier unlock code, and then your phone would be unlocked, and you can just get a SIM card from Telus so you can use it with your S4. Unfortunately, that means your number will change. But on the flip side, at least you'll be able to use the phone with your preferred carrier. We hope this answers your question!

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