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What is the best phone and plan for a senior living in Canada?

I presently live 6 months in Canada and 6 months in the USA!! (snowbird)
I use a phone to text approx. 50/mo. max and call 75 min./mo in Canada.
What plans can you offer ang phones that fit these parameters, particularily, the 6 mths. in Canada???? BOB

I can solve all your problems. You can purchase a dual sim phone from This way you can keep your Canadian GSM sim card (like Rogers or Fido) in the phone for when your back in Canada and once in the USA, you can Purchase a GSM card from AirVoice, H2O, Redpocked, etc. Many of these carriers include unlimited calls to Canada so you can keep intouch with your family and friends.

Mike O'Reilly

I am another senior 'low usage' person. I am seriously regretting starting with Koodo Aug 31/2011. Best Buy guy explained that Koodo plan & cost was best match if I used tab And LG Optimus One --> alternative i was considering was Virgin Tab with HTC Wildfire.

I have had nothing but problems since my phone number was moved from Rogers to Koodo -- and I have no contract with Rogers !!!!

Initially Telus showed as my network provider - made sense since they own Koodo. Now the only network my phone can find is Rogers (with Telus just around the corner)

Hey Robert, Consider going for something like Solo Mobile - where you can buy SIM and go on a min plan - let me know if you have already found a solution or still looking for it.. Cheers!

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