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Can someone help me find the proper Telus plan for me?

I will be living in Canada for 5 yrs and I have family in the USA that i would like to keep in contact with. I am looking for A - a plan that can give me unlimited call, text, and mabye internet on a cell phone to and from Canada and the USA. What plans are avalible for my use? And what are the prices of these plans, along with requirments.

For unlimited calling in Canada and unlimited texting within Canada and to the US plus some data, here are your options:

- Unlimited talk and text - 1 GB Share
- Unlimited talk and text - 3 GB Share
- Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text – 5 GB Share
- Promo Voice and Messaging 35
- Promo Voice and Messaging 42
- Promo Voice and Data Lite 55+

To add unlimited calling to the US, you can get the US Calling 15 add-on which gives you unlimited minutes to the US for only $15/month.

To find out what you need to get these plans, you need to contact Telus or visit one of their stores and a representative of theirs would provide you with the information you need.

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