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Can you call a Chatr number from the US using a magicJack?

I could reach him using my chatr cell number on the same magic jack



...yes you can. You can call both a Canadian cell phone and a land line from anywhere in the world using magicJack. Calling a magicJack number on your Chatr cellphone from outside your calling area will cost you long distance charges... many if not most magicJack numbers, even those used in Canada are USA numbers unless you spend the extra and get a magicJack number issued from a Canadian area code such as 416 in Toronto. I live in BC and use it often but my magicJack number is out of Oregon State.... the area code is near Portland. I can call anyone I want for free...even from Mexico but unless they have a long distance plan that covers the USA, they pay LD to call me.(in Oregon)

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