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Can I use apps like Snapchat and Instragram on the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime?

Same thing happend with mine. A month ago I bought the galaxy core prime. I was able to use snapchat. I had to buy another phone, same model, because mine got stolen on vacation. And now it says it's not compatible with snapchat. :/ Maybe snapchat updated too maby times to,be supported?

Why won't my phone let me download snapchat I have a samsung galaxy core prime

For some reason my phone doesn't have the play store, only the Samsung app store, and that doesn't have snap chat. Why?

Hi um I am going to get a new phone called HTC desire 626s! Will Snapchat filters work on the front camera?

I've tried downloading snap chat on my Samsung Core Prime.. when I try setting up the account. It keeps logging in but never comes to a point where I'm logged in. Is there a way to fix this?

Any idea why I can't find the Instagram app on my phone, although google pley says I downloaded and is already installed?

Any idea why I can't use snapchat lenses in my galaxy core prime?

I have a Samsung galaxy core prime. Snapchat won't allow me to delete or see who all has viewed my story. Help!

Of course you can! :)
Just open Google Play store app from your phone, look for them, and then install them for free! :)

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