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Can I upgrade to an Apple iPhone 4S on my Virgin Mobile plan?

I have this blackberry curve 9360, with virgin mobile, with a 3 year contract and i dont want to cancel my plan i just want to switch to an i-phone 4s is that possible?

Good luck with that. I've been trying to keep my plan and do an upgrade for three months. I have been told repeatedly I can do it but, there's always some issue or reason why it won't go through "today" but, they will "put me through" to someone else and that someone else has me "go to the store" or "call back tomorrow" or "we will call you tomorrow" and so far nothing has happened and I am without a phone now since I lost the original one that I am still paying on. That part is not their fault but, I WOULD like my new upgraded phone on my original plan as I have been told over and over I can have!

You should contact Virgin Mobile to find out if you are eligible for a phone upgrade.

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