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How to transfer audio files from ZTE F160 to computer with USB cable?

Go to this link: (it is in French)

Download the program to connect to the PC (JoinMe): Logiciel de synchronisation (Windows) JoinMe pour le ZTE-F160 (10.4M)

And download the driver: Driver Windows du ZTE-F160 (4.23M)

I think you may find the same in English...

I'll post instructions on how to transfer audio files from ZTE F160 to computer with USB cable as soon as I find it. You may use these alternatives for the meantime.

Using a memory card:
The ZTE F160 has a microSD memory card slot. If your personal computer is compatible with that type of card (Most laptop computers are so-equipped), you should be able to save a music file

Via Bluetooth:
The ZTE F160 is Bluetooth-enabled. Bluetooth is a wireless protocol which lets you connect your cell phone to computers, headsets, car kits, etc. If your computer is also Bluetooth-enabled, simply connect both devices and transfer your audio files from your computer to your ZTE F160.

Through a 3G Uploader:
If the above-mentioned methods do not work for you or if you prefer not to buy new accessories, you can still use one of the numerous free "3G Uploader" services available online. A search on Katapulco should retrieve plenty of them. 3G uploaders are easy to use: Transfer your own music on their web site and they will return a temporary web address. Pointing your ZTE F160's web browser to that address should download the free ringtone. source

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