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Lynette J Plude

Can I pay a friend's bill using a credit card and only his cellphone number?

Worried about a friend experiencing financial hardships at this time. He's also suffering from chronic pain. I'd like to pay his cell phone bill that was due mid month May. Will pay 2 mos worth on it so he's got a logical amount of time to catch up.

I have his full name, address and his cellphone number and need a number in which to call in a payment.

Thank you! Lyn Plude

Hello Lyn, this is incredibly nice and thoughtful of you. We're sure the folks at Mobilicity will be able to help you settle your friend's account. To pay a balance, normally you'd have to present either the phone number or the account number. Since you have the phone number, that should be more than enough. To find out how you can best contact Mobilicity to settle the account, visit our Mobilicity carrier page and find their contact info near the bottom of the page. We hope this helps, and we hope your friend overcomes his present hardships. Good luck to you both!

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