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Can I connect the ZTE Quartz to a TV?

DLNA is an industry-wide standard for sharing data over a home network. Depending on the DLNA-compatible devices you own, you might be able to stream films from your laptop to your TV, play an MP3 stored on your phone over your hi-fi system, or print a photo from your tablet on your home printer.

DLNA stands for 'Digital Living Network Alliance'. It's a group of organisations, including many consumer electronics manufacturers, that has created a standard enabling all DLNA devices to share media over a home network.

If you have a router in your home, you'll most likely be able to link DLNA-compliant products across your home network. If your router is wireless (which most are these days), then you can do it all over wi-fi too.

However, it’s important to note that you won’t be able to add DLNA support to your existing devices. Tech products either have the feature built-in, or don’t support it at all.

Look for the DLNA Certified logo to know if your product has it. All products that bear the DLNA Certified logo on the actual product or packaging are DLNA Certified. You can also determine if your purchased product is DLNA Certified by visiting this link: Click here


What is a dlna and where would it be located on my tv

You can connect it using DLNA. So check if your TV has DLNA feature.

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