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terry hadwyn

Can I cancel my Virgin Mobile service and reopen after 4 months with same number?

How do i suspend or cancle my service for 6weeks? We are going away and wont use the phone outsidr canada

Hi Terry. I sent Virgin Mobile an email and this is their response:

"If an account is cancelled, there is 30 days from cancellation that a member has to reactive. If the reactivation is completed within this period, the phone number will remain and any cancellation fees reversed.

However, anything exceeding 30 days the account is fully closed and a new one would need to be actived. Please be advised that 30 days notice is required for cancellation.

It is also possible to temporarily suspend the price plan for a month or more. Instead of paying the regular rate plan, the member will only may 15.00. This may be on the account for any length in time, however due to pro-ration we usually suggest a minimum of a month. This suspension may only be on for maximum 6 months."

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