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Can you use an unlocked BlackBerry phone with PC Mobile?

Can a person with an account with PC Mobile switch to an unlocked BlackBerry?  If yes, are there specific models that are/are not excluded?

apn setting has to correct for any Blackbery 10 device, z10 and up. A couple work using the Bell network like, or ,do not know yet if extra charges apply to monthly plan just got mine working

Just recently brought my blackberry 9320 onto the pc mobile monthly plan and no data does not work on pc plans when it comes to blackberry, I can make receive calls & basic text, and confirming with pc tech, pc plans don't support blackberry, unfortunately not all salesmen know this

Your device must be compatible - it must be HSPA (or UMTS) and 850 MHz and 1900 MHz compatible. To verify if your current phone is compatible, contact PC Mobile.

Link: PC Mobile Contact Information

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