How to fix camera problem on the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime?

I keep getting a message MediaServer failed. Camera needs restart when using the camera on my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime phone. How do I solve this problem.

Thankz guys. It really works I tried lots of things like factory reset etc... but this is very simple and use full. Thanks again..... 

Thanks so much to everybody.

Battery method work for me and im happy that front/back camera working otherwise I would have to purchase another phone.

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waooooo yes

i removed bettry for 20 Second enter again,,, camera now working

thanks friends


thanks , it worked after battery remove and interest again.

the answer is very simple when you encounter a message "camera failed and need to restart" just remove the battery for 10 sec and reinsert it again ,turn on your phone and enjoy your camera again



Remove and ReInsert the battery it worked for me.

I'm having the same issue as above. Showing "camera failed". Already tried battery method but did not work. Tried using other camera application, still same issue. I even performed Clear Data on the camera app and updated my phone but still won't work.
Can some one help me and provide me other option, other than performing factory reset on my phone. I need all the data's of some of my apps installed. Thanks. 


I just removed and re inserted the battery.

problem solved and the camera worked.

Thank You.

Thanks Guys i try a lot factory reset etc i do not know how easily you solve my issue by opening your site thanks.

'Camera Failed' error. Removed the Battery for 5 to 8 minutes and then inserted back and restarted the phone. Voila! IT worked!

 Samsung Grand Prime: Warning Camera Failed-

To overcome this problem, simply remove the battery wait for 10 second and connect the battery again. Restart the mobile. 

thanx guys, it worked for me. removing the battery solved it 

Off the phone, remove your Micro SD Card and switch it on. My Galaxy Grand Prime camera is working after i did that.

Jxt turnoff ur phone remove bettery nd SD card for 10 mint nd then restart your fone... i hope problem will solve... i also had this problm... nd this method work for me...!!! 

Best of Luck


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