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How does Rogers Buyers Remorse Policy work?

If I got a phone, and I'm in the 14 day buyers remorse, but I wanted the larger phone, and got paid a few days into the first 14 days, can I pay the extra amount, and get the larger one? As long as there is nothing wrong with the original phone, or the packaging?

You can return or exchange your phone, provided you meet the following criteria:

  • Returned within 15 days from the date of purchase.
  • Device is in its original condition with all accessories.
  • Must not have any physical or moisture damage.
  • Device passwords and locks are removed.

If the device is bought online or call center and shipped to your home:

  • Ensure the device meets the criteria above.
  • Call 1 877 224-9832 to validate your return/exchange eligibility.
  • Devices eligible for return or exchange must be shipped back within 10 days of contact.

If the device is bought from a Rogers store 

  • Ensure device meets return criteria above.
  • Device must be returned or exchanged at the same store it was purchased from.
  • Original receipt and documentation is required.

Take note of this when shipping your device:

1. Make sure

  • You’ve done a master reset on the device
  • Removed all passcodes or hardware locks
  • Other device-specific locks are removed

2. Place device and all included accessories and manuals into the original or comparable box, including bubble wrap or newspaper to protect the contents.

3. Attach the UPS authorized return service label included in your device's original contents to the box.

4. Record the tracking number starting with "1Z" to track the return shipment.

5. Contact UPS at 1 800 742-5877 to arrange for pick up, or drop the package off at the nearest UPS depot or drop box.

After the device has been returned

  • If return or exchange is ELIGIBLE: Your return will be processed and your account charges adjusted within 4 weeks of the device being received by Rogers.
  • If your return or exchange is INELIGIBLE: Your device will be returned to you and account adjustments will not be applied.
  •  If Rogers determines that the device received has damages that are not covered under the manufacturer's warranty, or has a hardware lock that Rogers cannot remove, you will be charged applicable device charges (plus applicable taxes), and the device that you sent us will be returned to you.


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